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Successful Fundraising Mindset – Part 5

Congruency Continued: In relation to Self-worth and Asking and Receiving Fundraising Donations By Terri Nicholson, (B.Nat, B.Dip.Bdy.Psych), Fundraising Expert and Author of “Fundraising Letter Secrets – Letter-Writing for Effective Fundraising & the Mindset to Succeed” 2010. As part of this Successful Fundraising Mindset series of posts, it is important to know how our own sense […]


Successful Fundraising Mindset series – Part 4

Be congruent. Or in other words, walk your fundraising talk. Essentially, you need to be convinced inside yourself that you are trustworthy and full of the utmost integrity before asking people for donation money. If you are doubting whether you can pull the project off then that lack of confidence or certainty will come through […]