Successful Fundraising Mindset series – Part 4

Be congruent. Or in other words, walk your fundraising talk.

Essentially, you need to be convinced inside yourself that you are trustworthy and full of the utmost integrity before asking people for donation money. If you are doubting whether you can pull the project off then that lack of confidence or certainty will come through in your communication with potential donors. However, once you are clear inside yourself, your ability to communicate with donors will be easy.

Ask yourself: Do you give money/time to good causes, or are you stingy with your own generosity? Can you expect others to give to you if you do not also model that way of being? Make sure that your actions match your words.

Questions of Self-worth, how we feel about Asking and Receiving, and Integrity and Trustworthiness are relevant for this concept of congruency. These questions are relevant for everyone, but especially if the funds you are raising are for yourself in some way. Whether you are asking for money for yourself, or not, it can be quite an emotional process if you’re not used to asking for such tangible support.

In Relation to Self-worth and Asking and Receiving Fundraising Donations

As part of this Successful Fundraising Mindset series of posts, it is important to know how our own sense of self-worth affects our fundraising efforts.

Ask yourself these questions: How strong is your sense of self-worth? Do you feel worthy of people giving to you and your cause? In what ways do you feel personally worthy? What is it about you and/or your project that is worthy of people’s support? In what ways do you feel unworthy? Getting these thoughts out can help clear your vision for the reasons why you are worthy.

Your sense of self worth will extend into your level of comfort about asking for and receiving donations.

So, how do you feel about asking people to help by giving donations to you? How does it feel when you imagine lots of checks coming in the mail, or lots of money being deposited in your fundraising account, with messages of gratitude from the donors for the chance to be part of something so wonderful?

Can you really imagine letting it in, letting yourself receive such financial support? For some people it is an easy natural thing. For others it is difficult and very challenging.

All of this will be affecting your fundraising results!

By Terri Nicholson, (B.Nat, B.Dip.Bdy.Psych), Fundraising Expert and Author of “Fundraising Letter Secrets – Letter-Writing for Effective Fundraising & the Mindset to Succeed” 2010.

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