Reciprocity with Donors of Fundraising or Donation Letters

Terri Nicholson - Fundraising Letter Expert

 Reciprocity – what you’ll give back to the donor

“I see myself as a channel or a bridge, in that when I go, I carry the voices and energy of people from here in Australia. When I come back I would love to share with you what your contribution made possible, and to let Chilean voices speak back to you also.” – An excerpt from my original fundraising letter.

A couple of things I did to fulfill this promise:

I got people’s emails and wrote updates every few weeks while I was away. This was a lovely way for people to feel connected with my journey and be able to feel part of it.

I gave a talk when I got back home and put on a slide show and snack food. There was no charge, as this was just me giving back to the people who had helped me get there…and “letting the Chilean voices speak back” to them through my stories and photos. People appreciated this so much.

There are so many ways to reciprocate the donors’ generosity. Just make sure you only commit to something you can actually follow up on. Don’t over-commit your time or energy. This is where you may ask others to help send out a thank you note, or keep sending updates out to the list of donors.  

Other ideas are a newsletter, update, blog or website which is updated. Basically it is about creating some way so people can feel acknowledged and know that their funds are being used well. This makes them feel confident, and lets them know that you are transparent and accountable.


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