Successful Fundraising Mindset series – part 1

Mindset And How It Affects Fundraising Results

In all fields where people are trying to achieve results it is recognized that what is going on in your mind, such as your beliefs and attitudes, affects your experience in life, including the tangible results you may get from your fundraising efforts.

Successful entrepreneurs say that your mindset or attitude is about 90% of the game in terms of getting results. It’s the same with fundraising. If your success mindset is not switched on, which ever fundraising strategy you are using will simply not work or will be significantly less effective than is possible.

Now, my upbringing taught me to be suspicious and distrusting of ‘marketing’ in general,  believing that marketers were trying to con me at some level. What I have come to realize and accept, however, is that as fundraisers we are also marketers. It is possible to take on a few marketing ideas, and keep utmost integrity… for, as fundraisers, we are most definitely not ripping anyone off, are we?

If you are a fundraiser, then like it or not, you are selling your idea to people… and at the same time you are sharing your passion about your cause. For people to think about donating money they need to connect with what you are saying at an emotional level.

Our task is to communicate with people and help them connect with the cause that we believe deserves financial (and emotional) support.

How we communicate and where we are coming from inside ourselves (our intention) is critical… and this is where mindset comes in.

Getting this right will give you the inner integrity that inspires people to choose to give generously and give with a warm heart (rather than because they feel bullied or guilt-tripped into giving – that’s not satisfying, good or operating with integrity in my view). You will most likely have people thanking you for the opportunity to participate and be part of your cause – and for thinking of them!

By Terri Nicholson, (B.Nat, B.Dip.Bdy.Psych), Fundraising Expert and Author of “Fundraising Letter Secrets – Letter-Writing for Effective Fundraising & the Mindset to Succeed” 2010.

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